How to Add Media to a Group

There are three methods to add media to a group; choose the method that is best for your scenario.

Please note that only approved user roles can add content to a group. For more information on how to change a group member’s role, visit our article here.

Add Content That is Already in Your Account

The first method is to use the Add to Group dropdown under a media item.

  1. Select a media item in your gallery.
  2. Locate the Add to Group dropdown button below the media preview.
  3. Check the box next to the group(s) you want to add it to and click the Save button.

Add Multiple Items from a Folder or Your Homepage

This method is best if you’d like to bulk add media items to your group efficiently.

  1. Switch your media gallery from the gallery view to the list view by clicking on the List View button.
  2. Check the item(s) you’d like and click the Add Selected Items to a Group button.
  3. Select the group and click Add to Group.

Directly Upload Content to a Group

You can also upload content from your computer or drives directly to a group.

  1. Click the Groups dropdown and select My Groups. Choose the group you’d like to add media to from the list.
  2. Click the Upload to Group button and you’ll be navigated to an upload page that functions exactly the same as our normal upload tool.
  3. The content uploaded directly into a group will also be added to your personal media gallery.