Creating Users

Users with a Teacher access level and above can add new users, but are restricted to adding users with an access level equal to or below their own access level.  As an example, if a School Administrator was creating a new user, their options would be to either create a Student, User Plus, Teacher, or School Administrator.  A District Administrator could create all of these access levels, in addition to being able to create other District Administrator accounts.


If a district is using Active Directory/LDAP, the entire account creation process can be automated.  If interested in automating this process, please contact our Customer Service Department at 888-237-6740 or via email at

Creating a User

Follow these instructions to create a user:

  1. Click on the Administrative Tools toolbox icon from the top menu bar and then select Create User.  Much of the information for the district will already appear in some of the required fields, such as State, Consortium, and District.
  2. With the State, Consortium, and District already pre-populated, select the School from the drop down list to choose where this user’s account should reside.
  3. Enter the information for this user in the following fields:  User Name, Password, Password Repeat, First Name, Middle Name (optional), Last Name, Email (optional), and Display Name (optional).
  4. Make sure to select the User Type from the drop down menu.
  5.  If your school district subscribes to Live Streaming, you can toggle this feature on and off for the user and assign them to the streaming channels that they should have permission to stream to.
  6. When done, either click the Create button to create this new account, or click the Save and Add Another button to enter information for another user.