Usage Reports

Usage Reports give a brief snapshot of usage within your organization.

How to Access Usage Reports

  • Click the Administrative Tools toolbox icon from the top bar. Under the Miscellaneous section, select Usage Reports.
    • District administrators can run a usage report for any school within their district
    • School administrators can only run reports for the school they are assigned to
  • Choose the school where a report is needed
  • Click Run School report

Usage reports default to the last seven (7) days, however if the date range field is clicked on, the range for usage can be customized.

  • Once date range has been specified, click Apply and the report will run

How to Access Group Media Usage Reports

Groups -> Choose Group -> Click bar graph icon on right of group name

  • Number of views and number of plays

How to Read Usage Reports

Two options:

  • Show Printable View – will allow the report to be printed without miscellaneous information
  • Video Upload Log – shows a log of videos that have been uploaded to the MyVideoSpot System

Information included:

  • Number and types of media uploaded
  • Number of media hits
  • Total logins: number of times the system has been logged into
  • Unique logins: number of individual log ins to the system
  • Live Broadcast views: How many visits the Live Broadcast page has gotten
  • Number of Live Broadcasts: How many Live Broadcasts have been conducted
  • Number of MediaSpot Projects, SmartSpot Quizzes, and VRS Assignments Created