Audio Recorder

The Audio Recorder allows you to use your microphone to easily record an audio file and have it saved directly to your account.

To access the Audio Recorder, click on the Media Tools dropdown from the top menu and select Audio Recorder.

Recording Settings

Use the Audio Settings dropdown menu to switch from your default microphone to any of the others you have available connected to your device.

Record Your Audio

Once you’re ready, click the Start Recording button to begin. Keep in mind that you can only record up to 60 minutes continuously. Click on the Stop Recording button when you are finished. After you press the Stop Recording button, you will see three options: Delete Recording, Download Recording, and Save Recording to My Account. 

Delete Recording: This will erase the recording you just created.

Download Recording:  This option will download the newly created audio file (.m4a format) to your computer. 

Save Recording to My Account:  This will save your newly created video to your MyVRSpot account. 

Once you click the Save Recording to My Account button, you will be taken to the recording’s attributes page where you can give the audio a proper name, add a description, etc.