Pending Media

One of the key security features of MyVideoSpot is that all media uploaded by Student users is controlled and monitored by a Teacher or Administrator before being made available for other Students to see. Users with a Teacher access level or higher have the ability to approve and monitor uploaded media for all Student users within their school and/or school district.

Pending Media

As Students upload media (videos, images, audio files), they are moved into the Pending Media section of MyVideoSpot.  All Pending Media is located in this area, and awaits approval from a Teacher or Administrator.

To view media that is waiting for approval, click the Administrative Tools toolbox icon on the top menu bar and select Pending Media from the Media Administration section.  Note:  The number to the right of the Pending Media label indicates how many files are awaiting approval.  A list of files that are awaiting approval is displayed.  Click on a file name to view the video, image, or audio file.  The View icon to the far right of the file name will also display the media.  This will open the file in the media player window.

Approving Media

Once the media has been reviewed, and the teacher or admin feels it is appropriate for all other users in the school or district to view,  they click the check mark in the Action column to the far right of the file.  To approve multiple files at a time,  click inside the checkbox to the left of each file, and then click the Approve Selected Items button at the top right of the screen.

If the video should be published, or if there is further discussion needed with the student or another teacher or administrator,  leave the media file in the Pending Media section.  The media can be deleted by clicking the trash can on the far right.

Student Access

A Student user can view their media in their account but they do not have access to share the media they have uploaded until it has been approved. One exception to keep in mind though is that students can use their not yet approved media in MediaSpot projects and with the video creation tool. Once those projects have been saved with the unapproved media, the projects will then need to be approved by a teacher or administrator.