Screen Recorder

The Screen Recorder feature was designed to allow you to capture your screen and share it from your account.

To access the Screen Recorder, click on the Media Tools dropdown from the top menu and select Screen Recorder.

Recording Settings

Below the media player, you have three items: Record Option, Preview Setting, and a Save Settings button.

Record Option: By default, it records both the screen and audio from your microphone.  If you just want to record the screen only, you can change that here.


If you want to record audio with no video, you can view the user guide article on using the Audio Recorder.

Preview Setting: By default, once you finish your recording, it will automatically start playing your recording back to you within the preview window.  If you want to disable this feature, click the dropdown and select the Disable Auto Preview option.

Save Settings:  Once you are done with your settings, make sure to click the Save Settings button.

Additionally, there is an option to display your webcam while doing your recording. To turn on your webcam, click on the Show webcam (beta) button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Record Your Screen

Once you have saved your settings, you are ready to record.  If you’re using a microphone, make sure it is selected from the dropdown at the top. Check out the mic indicator to make sure it’s picking up your audio. Then, click the green Select Screen button and choose either full screen, an application window, or a Chrome browser tab. Once you select your screen, you will see two new buttons: Start Recording Now and Start Recording in 3 Seconds.

Click the Start Recording Now to immediately start recording.

Click the Start Recording in 3 Seconds if you would like to have those last few seconds to prepare yourself for your recording.  This will display a countdown from 3 – 2 – 1 – record.

A red Recording button will display in the top left corner to indicate you are actively recording once you start. When you are done recording, press the Stop Recording button.

After you press the Stop Recording button, you will see three options: Delete Recording, Download Recording, and Save Recording to My Account.  Remember, if you have the playback setting to Automatically play back the video you just recorded, it will start to play.  If you have this option turned off, you can click the play button on the bottom left of the media player to preview your recording.

Delete Recording: This will erase the recording you just created.

Download Recording:  This option will download the newly created video file (.webm format) to your computer. 


A .webm video format is designed to play via the web.  If you try to play this file from your computer, it most likely will play the audio with a black screen.  Don’t worry though, because once you upload the video to your MyVideoSpot account, it will play as expected.

Save Recording to My Account:  This will save your newly created video to your MyVideoSpot account. 


You might receive an error message:

Unable to upload file. Please try again or download the recording to your device and try to upload again later.

This means that, at that moment, you do not have enough upload bandwidth to successfully upload the video to your account.  We recommend clicking the Download Recording button and uploading the video to your account once you have a better connection.

Once you click the Save Recording to My Account button, you will be taken to the video’s attributes page where you can give the video a proper name, add a description, etc.