Creating a Secondary Password

If your password is being managed by another system, such as LDAP or via an SSO, you may want to establish a secondary password.  This is helpful in the event that the district’s server may be down and unable to authenticate your account when trying to login, or in cases where your password might be viewed by others while setting up or working with a streaming channel.

To setup a secondary password, first start by logging in and clicking on the My Account icon on the top right of the MyVideoSpot page.  Scroll down to the Update my Account section, and you will notice the section on the right that says “Your primary password is being managed by another system.  If you would like to set an additional password directly with the MyVideoSpot system, click here.”

Click on the click here link.  This will reveal a Password and Password Repeat field.  Enter your new password in the Password field, retype it in the Password Repeat field, and then move to the bottom of the page and click the Update button.  This will NOT change your LDAP or SSO password, but will just add a secondary password.