How to Add or Remove Users from a Group

Please note that any user within your district can search and immediately join a public group or request membership to a private group. Also, only users with the role of Admin can add or remove other users in a group. So if you are an admin, follow the directions below to do so.

  1. Click the Groups dropdown from the top menu and select My Groups.
  2. Click the Group Members icon (person) to the right of the group you’d like to manage the members of.
  3. To add new members, click the Add Users button in the upper right. This will display a list of all the users within your school or district. From this list, either click the Add to Group icon (plus sign) to the right of the user, or check multiple users and click on the Add Selected Users to Group button.
  4. To remove members, click the Remove icon (trash can) to the right of the user’s name on the group member list.