Require Users to Login to View Channel

Did you know that you can control who can view your streams? Specifically, you can require viewers to login to their MyVRSpot account to view the stream.

The default setting for your live streaming channel is “Enable Public Viewing of the Channel via the Public Channel URL”, so anyone with the URL can view your streams. If you would like to require viewers to login to their MyVRSpot account to view your streaming channel, follow these steps below:

Only Allow Logged in Users to View this Channel

Step 1: Login to your MyVRSpot account and click on the Streaming dropdown and select My Streaming Channels.

Step 2: Click the edit icon (pencil) to the right of the channel name.  Under the “Stream Permission” section, select “Only Allow Logged in User to View this Channel.” Click Update to save your changes.

Step 3: For your viewers to access the broadcasting channel, instruct your viewers to login to their MyVRSpot account, click on the Streaming dropdown and select All Channels. Then they should click the view icon (eye) to the right of the channel name they want to watch. This will open up the streaming player page with the live broadcast.