Adding Media to ParentSquare

If you have a ParentSquare account, you can easily add any of the media items from your MyVideoSpot account into a ParentSquare post.


While this integration is available to users that have both a MyVideoSpot and ParentSquare account, this integration needs to be activated for your district. Please contact our support team to confirm this has already been setup for your district. They can be reached at 888-237-6740 x1, or via email at

Step 1: Log into ParentSquare and click on the New Post button near the top of the page.

Step 2: Fill out the form by choosing your recipients, subject, and optional description.

Step 3: In the column to the left of the form, there is a section titled Partner Integrations. Click on MyVRSpot from that list. This will display a new pop-up window containing all of the media from your MyVRSpot account.

Step 4: Select the media item(s) that you’d like to add. You can also use the search bar and filters at the top to narrow your results.

Step 5: Your selected media should now show up at the bottom of your new post. You can remove items from this post by clicking the X to the right of the file name, and can also add additional media items by clicking the Add Resources button.

Step 6: Once you’re all set, you can publish your post by selecting the options in the right column.


If you’d like additional assistance with making posts on ParentSquare, check out their guide here.