Managing Digital Resources: Strategies for Effective Media Asset Management with MyVideoSpot


In today's modern educational landscape, schools are continually generating an increasing volume of media assets, from classroom projects and event recordings to instructional and educational videos. Effectively managing these digital assets is crucial to ensure they enhance the educational experience rather than become a cumbersome burden. MyVideoSpot provides an optimal solution for schools and districts looking to streamline their media asset management. Here are some strategies to make the most of MyVideoSpot for organizing, storing, and utilizing your digital resources. Centralize Your Media Storage One of the foundational steps in effective digital resource management is centralizing media storage. MyVideoSpot’s SaaS [...]

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Creating Student Choice to Improve Engagement


    Educators across the country are looking for innovative ways to increase student engagement and gauge mastery of content in the classroom. Assessments should be more than the traditional quizzes, tests, and essays that have been used for generations. Students should be challenged to tackle real world problems that they may face outside the classroom. Providing authentic assessments and lessons increases understanding of content, improves critical thinking skills, and increases student engagement. However, educators shouldn’t feel like they have to accomplish authentic lesson planning and assessment on their own! There are plenty of great creative technological tools out there to bring [...]

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How Educational Technology Improves Instruction


As more and more school districts across the country move to 1:1 environments, the topic of whether technology enhances or hinders education has become a common conversation. Many believe that technology is a hindrance in the classroom. Students play games on their phones in class; there are constant dings and vibrations as students receive messages; and students are fixated on how they are perceived on social media. Why shouldn’t educators lock up their students' phones? Schools have become more reliant on technology and remote learning due to the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020. Students are immersed in technology now more than [...]

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