As more and more school districts across the country move to 1:1 environments, the topic of whether technology enhances or hinders education has become a common conversation. Many believe that technology is a hindrance in the classroom. Students play games on their phones in class; there are constant dings and vibrations as students receive messages; and students are fixated on how they are perceived on social media. Why shouldn’t educators lock up their students’ phones?

Schools have become more reliant on technology and remote learning due to the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020. Students are immersed in technology now more than ever, and effective teachers have learned to embrace this to encourage engagement and improve student ownership in the learning process. Instructional tools can be used in innovative ways to make learning personalized and fun, whether in a face to face classroom, hybrid, or virtual environment.

Learning opportunities are being individualized for students by allowing student choice to complete assignments using a multimedia approach, including using images, video, audio, and/or written text to demonstrate mastery of a topic. Students can collaborate on projects such as creating a class logo to be used in digital spaces, creating timelines, or a number of other activities using image editors. Teachers are able to differentiate individual or group activities by providing video recorded instructions, developing interactive and collaborative assignments and more.

MyVRSpot is a fantastic example of how technology can be utilized for instruction. Educators have access to many powerful tools such as recorder tools that allow video, screen and audio recording to create content in non-traditional ways. Additionally, teachers utilize MyVRSpot’s instructional and editing tools to allow  for interactive content creation and delivery. MyVRSpot even allows teachers the ability to integrate and share directly to an LMS such as Canvas or Schoology, or instructors can publish to a Google Classroom. This makes providing engaging content easy. Schedule a demo to see how MyVRSpot can help empower your teachers and students today!