Educators across the country are looking for innovative ways to increase student engagement and gauge mastery of content in the classroom. Assessments should be more than the traditional quizzes, tests, and essays that have been used for generations. Students should be challenged to tackle real world problems that they may face outside the classroom. Providing authentic assessments and lessons increases understanding of content, improves critical thinking skills, and increases student engagement. However, educators shouldn’t feel like they have to accomplish authentic lesson planning and assessment on their own! There are plenty of great creative technological tools out there to bring your lessons to life.

    Creation tools can be a great way to allow student choice and increase engagement, while gathering the needed assessment data to further drive instruction. When students become creators, and are more actively involved in the process, their level of participation, understanding and internalization increases. By empowering students to take ownership of their learning, they begin to think critically about the world around them, developing innovative solutions to real world problems. Demonstration of content mastery can be shown through the creation of multimedia presentations, video or audio recordings, or image creation.

    In addition to students using technological creation tools to demonstrate proficiency, teachers can use the same types of tools to take their lessons to the next level. A video recording of an assignment or instructions can be beneficial if a district is moving to remote learning, or if a student is absent and has missed the in-class directions. Recording on-screen lessons can provide a different method of instructional delivery, and can be tailored to various learning styles. Teachers can create classroom podcasts using audio recordings, or capture foreign language practice conversations to help guide areas of strength and growth. Once instructional materials have been created, they can be shared with other educators to build and curate a robust library of resources and activities. Screen, video, and audio recordings can quickly be created using MyVRSpot’s recorder tools. The built in features for each of the recording tools makes content easy to create and share with others or directly to an LMS. In addition, the image creator and video editor can add a powerful touch to any lesson or student assignment submission. Ready to empower your educators to improve engagement through student choice? Contact MyVRSpot today to learn more!