Release Notes 21.8.16


1. Added functionality for District Admins to setup/manage Google Provisioning without assistance from our Staff2. Standardized formatting on sorting buttons on various screens including the Gallery view3. Added LTI settings and integration for Showcases4. Design changes for video editor5. Live Streamers can now add an API key to use for streaming instead of their password 6. Functionality to add/revoke api keys for streaming

Release Notes 21.8.162021-08-18T16:41:14+00:00

Release Notes 21.5.15


1. Improvement/Bug Fixes for the Image Editor (fixed brush types that were not functioning on some browsers) 2. Text changes on the streaming information page 3. New find username link on the ADE Sandbox login page 4. Updated tooltip text on multiple pages 5. Gallery Sort Buttons now have matching colors 6. Aprove media buttons now have colors 7. Videos with a description have a new icon in the corner inside the video player to view the description of the video. This will carry over when media is embedded. 8. Text changes for Human Resources users 9. Adding a user to [...]

Release Notes 21.5.152021-05-17T14:05:54+00:00

Release Notes 21.4.24


1. Changes to the location of the resolution toggle for videos 2. Updates to Video Hotkeys - Space bar toggles play/pause. - Right and Left Arrow keys seek the video forwards and back 5 seconds at a time - Up and Down Arrow keys increase and decrease the volume. - M key toggles mute/unmute. - F key toggles fullscreen off and on. (Most modern browsers) - Double-clicking with the mouse toggles fullscreen off and on. 3. Issue resolved for Shared VRS projects 4. Issue resolved for Searching and sorting on "All MediaSpot Templates" Page 5. Uses related to MediaSpot image margins [...]

Release Notes 21.4.242021-04-26T21:15:48+00:00

Release Notes 21.4.17


1. Resolved and issue related to replacing a thumbnail with an existing image 2. Fixed an issue where breadcrumb folders were defaulting to list view 3. Fixed an issue related to MediaSpot template sharing (sorting options) 4. Minor layout changes in Mediaspot 5. New options on the Project Custom Style in Mediaspot 6. New options on each element's custom style in Mediaspot 7. New options for each download button's custom style in Mediaspot (for inserting files) 8. When inserting an audio element, video element, or file element you can now upload a file directly into Mediaspot 9. When inserting a video [...]

Release Notes 21.4.172021-04-19T14:04:08+00:00

Release Notes 21.4.10


1. Digital Sandbox reset password link should now go to the correct place. 2. Home button removed when you are on the home page 3. Issue resolved when you cancel uploading an image in Mediaspot 4. Resolved an issue related to updating a thumbnail for an existing MediaSpot project 5. System wide, and labels that were set to "clone" updated to "duplicate". 6. Fixes related to login stats for SSO clients 7. New items added to usage reports. 8. Fixes related to login stats for Microsoft SSO.

Release Notes 21.4.102021-04-10T12:54:31+00:00

Release notes 21.4.3


1. Add &autostart=true to the share links or the src value of iframes to have them autostart (will not autostart on mobile devices, and will autoplay muted to comply with browser restrictions). 2. Add &loop=true to the share links or the src value of iframes to have them loop 3. Changes to the welcome screen for the Human Resource clients 4. Fix related to the Live streaming tracking date range display 5. Fix to Insert Image button in Mediaspot when cancelling an image upload 6. Speed improvements when loading media into the video editor 7. A blank image from the image [...]

Release notes 21.4.32021-04-05T12:43:52+00:00

Release notes 21.3.28


1. Changes to the counter on the Message notifications to update more frequently. 2. Resolved compatibility issues with the Read&Write Chrome extension in MediaSpot 3. Folder location on the Media view name now shows the full path. 4. Resolved an issue on the "Open Project in New Window Button" on a MediaSpot project 5. New options as colors added to the Mediaspot Toolbar 6. MediaSpot toolbar can be hidden and shown with a new arrow button 7. Playlist and Gallery options update much faster in MediaSpot 8. When dragging media items, the areas the items can be dropped are highlighted yellow [...]

Release notes 21.3.282021-03-28T13:38:07+00:00

Release notes 21.2.127


1. Viewing all online streams from the "All Streams" page is much faster 2. Volume bar on the video player moved so that it doesn't impact the timeline 3. Text changes for our Human Resources clients 4. Fixes to the image selector in MediaSpot 5. Clicking on the thumbnail for a Blank Mediaspot project should now work as expected 6. School drop down added to upload log and the log can be exported. 7. Fix to the link on the "Times Taken" field on SmartSpot assignments

Release notes 21.2.1272021-02-27T23:00:53+00:00

Release notes 21.2.13


1. All media is now set with a default sort of most recently uploaded. 2. Pending media is now displayed on all media for user access levels Teacher and above. These are delineated with a pending media badge by the title. 3. New button on All media to go to advanced search 4. Clicking on a tag or media standard now is more efficient and directs you to the new advanced search 5. Using the Search All Media now returns users to an advanced search with new options for searching 6. The permission tag "Public" is now "All Users" to [...]

Release notes 21.2.132021-02-13T13:38:53+00:00

MyVRSpot Releases New Tools and Updates for the New Year!


MyVRSpot Releases New Tools and Updates for the New Year! Check out MyVRSpot’s newest changes to these features: Internal & External Sharing, My Messages, MediaSpot, SmartSpot, MyVRSpot Apps, and PDF files. Big things have happened over your 2019 Winter Break! The MyVRSpot Development Team has been working hard the past few months in order to release a slew of new features and updates for the new year! We’re proud to provide the best features available in this ever-changing technology world. Sharing Internally & Externally Does your school district [...]

MyVRSpot Releases New Tools and Updates for the New Year!2020-01-09T21:59:15+00:00
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