1. Changes to the counter on the Message notifications to update more frequently.
2. Resolved compatibility issues with the Read&Write Chrome extension in MediaSpot
3. Folder location on the Media view name now shows the full path.
4. Resolved an issue on the “Open Project in New Window Button” on a MediaSpot project
5. New options as colors added to the Mediaspot Toolbar
6. MediaSpot toolbar can be hidden and shown with a new arrow button
7. Playlist and Gallery options update much faster in MediaSpot
8. When dragging media items, the areas the items can be dropped are highlighted yellow
9. Drag and drop stability improvements on Mediaspot
10. Blue duplicate button for Mediaspot elements
11. New option to Upload an image in Mediaspot from within the image picker.
12. More column options by clicking the More button
13. Mediaspot toolbar decreased in height on wider screens.