1. All media is now set with a default sort of most recently uploaded.
2. Pending media is now displayed on all media for user access levels Teacher and above. These are delineated with a pending media badge by the title.
3. New button on All media to go to advanced search
4. Clicking on a tag or media standard now is more efficient and directs you to the new advanced search
5. Using the Search All Media now returns users to an advanced search with new options for searching
6. The permission tag “Public” is now “All Users” to avoid confusion
7. Newly uploaded bmp files will have the media type of “image”
8. Media info caching decreased from 1 hour to 10 minutes on iframe shares
9. School Admins and State admins “Administrator” menu item should be “Admin”
10. All notification emails for an entire district and be sent using a district provided email account. Contact us for more info.
11. Advanced Search and All Media return the same view, with the options to toggle between basic and advanced search parameters.
12. Discovered Sumo Citrus… and yes, it is worth the $3 a pound