Video Management: It’s Easier Than You Think


Did you know that February is National Library Lover’s Month? There are thousands of libraries across the United States, and each one has qualities that make them unique. In addition to the physical buildings that house various materials for reference and personal use, there are also digital libraries being used to house and organize electronic media. With the move by many school districts to remote and blended learning environments, video libraries have become an essential tool to provide meaningful and authentic instruction. So, what is a Video Library? Just like a brick and mortar library, it is a specific location to [...]

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How Educational Technology Improves Instruction


As more and more school districts across the country move to 1:1 environments, the topic of whether technology enhances or hinders education has become a common conversation. Many believe that technology is a hindrance in the classroom. Students play games on their phones in class; there are constant dings and vibrations as students receive messages; and students are fixated on how they are perceived on social media. Why shouldn’t educators lock up their students' phones? Schools have become more reliant on technology and remote learning due to the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020. Students are immersed in technology now more than [...]

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How Technology Can Revolutionize Your Formative Assessments


As educators, making and sticking to a well-designed plan can be the key to success in many endeavors. Each school year begins with a meticulously planned curriculum map, along with detailed lesson plans designed to engage students in meaningful instruction. However, effective teachers also acknowledge the value of constantly monitoring and evaluating the success of said well-designed plan, and pivoting where necessary. What works great for one group of students may not fit the particular needs of the next group. This is where formative assessments come in. By providing frequent, informal, and low-stakes opportunities for students to demonstrate proficiency and knowledge, [...]

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Big Ed Tech Solutions for Small School Districts: 3-in-1 District Profile


When you think of a tech-savvy school district who provides their students with modern and powerful ed tech tools that prepare them with the skills needed in the digital age, you might typically think of a large organization in an urban metropolitan area. However, we here at MyVRSpot understand that technology is for everyone and not to be relegated to only the largest of school districts. Students everywhere deserve equal access to technologically engaging and relevant curriculum, and MyVRSpot strives to help educators do just that. As living proof of this concept, we spoke with three of our “small but [...]

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