How Technology Can Revolutionize Your Formative Assessments


As educators, making and sticking to a well-designed plan can be the key to success in many endeavors. Each school year begins with a meticulously planned curriculum map, along with detailed lesson plans designed to engage students in meaningful instruction. However, effective teachers also acknowledge the value of constantly monitoring and evaluating the success of said well-designed plan, and pivoting where necessary. What works great for one group of students may not fit the particular needs of the next group. This is where formative assessments come in. By providing frequent, informal, and low-stakes opportunities for students to demonstrate proficiency and knowledge, [...]

How Technology Can Revolutionize Your Formative Assessments2021-11-16T21:40:33+00:00

Let’s Stop Wasting Paper During Back-to-School Season


There are always some tell-tale signs that summer is coming to a close and back-to-school season is underway. For many teachers, standing in the perpetual line at the copy machine is one of those signs. There is nothing like a new school year to rack up monstrous amounts of paper waste. In a day and age where environmental friendliness is more important than ever, are there conscious efforts we can be taking to prevent that waste? QR Codes: One of the easiest ways to cut back on paper waste this back-to-school season is by utilizing QR codes. Rather than handing out [...]

Let’s Stop Wasting Paper During Back-to-School Season2021-08-30T22:13:42+00:00
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