There are always some tell-tale signs that summer is coming to a close and back-to-school season is underway. For many teachers, standing in the perpetual line at the copy machine is one of those signs. There is nothing like a new school year to rack up monstrous amounts of paper waste. In a day and age where environmental friendliness is more important than ever, are there conscious efforts we can be taking to prevent that waste?

QR Codes: One of the easiest ways to cut back on paper waste this back-to-school season is by utilizing QR codes. Rather than handing out hundreds of sheets of paper only to find most of them in the trashcan or on the floor, have students and their families scan a QR code and be taken directly to the documents they need. 

Embed Codes: Another great way to eliminate the paper waste this year is by using embed codes. Why not turn that boring “Meet the Teacher” brochure into a fun video presentation, and then embed that video directly to your classroom website? Or even walk your students’ families through signing in to your school’s LMS by embedding a visual how-to guide on the school website. The possibilities are endless!

Digital Formative Assessments: The beginning of the school year is all about getting to know your students and their abilities. Digital formative assessments provide a unique and innovative way of establishing those relationships early in the year, allowing teachers to meet students where they are and build them up. Students who struggle with written answers may show their learning much better in a video response, where they can record themselves dictating their answers aloud.

A comprehensive and affordable media management solution can be the key to putting these ideas into action. MyVRSpot users have the tools at their fingertips to create QR codes in a flash, embed media into any website, and even create digital formative assessments with the suite of creative and instructional tools in their accounts. So remember: back-to-school doesn’t have to mean back-to-waste. Establish yourself as a leader in the community for environmental consciousness, and watch as your teachers rejoice in all the time saved from not standing in line at the copy machine! Contact MyVRSpot today to see how we can save you and your team precious time, money, and of course, paper.