Live Streaming Analytics

Is your district reaching your live streaming engagement and accessibility goals? Do you know how many people are tuning in to view your live streams? If you subscribe to MyVRSpot’s Live Broadcasting solution, your streaming analytics are right at your fingertips.

Your streaming analytics are quick and easy to access! Either follow this how-to video or go along with these simple steps. First, login to your MyVRSpot account. On the top menu bar, click Streaming and then My Streaming Channels. Next, click the tracking icon located to the right of your Live Streaming Channel title to open the analytics dashboard.

Now, feast your eyes on how many people actually watched your live broadcast. In the dashboard, you can select the date range for your analytics, and can also see each view, the date and time stamp, duration, the IP address, and the city and state of the person viewing your live stream. Want to share your broadcasting data with others? Click the export button in the bottom-right side of the dashboard and export your streaming analytics in CSV, Text, Excel or PDF format.