MyVRSpot, LLC Unveils MediaMonitor

FORT COLLINS, CO, May 8, 2024 – MyVRSpot, LLC, a leader in video management software for educational institutions, today announced the launch of its latest innovation and addition to the MyVideoSpot platform, MediaMonitor. This advanced media filtering tool is integrated into their award-winning platform and is designed to maintain a safe digital environment for schools by meticulously analyzing uploaded and created media and identifying inappropriate content.

MediaMonitor represents a significant leap in digital safety technology. Utilizing sophisticated algorithms, the tool scans and analyzes all images, as well as 6-10 frames per minute of video, effectively identifying and flagging content that may be considered inappropriate for educational settings. Media is flagged in several content areas, including but not limited to: adult and risqué; full, partial and obstructed nudity; graphic violence and death; guns and other weapons; drug and tobacco use and paraphernalia.

“MediaMonitor is our response to the growing need for advanced protective measures for digital content used in schools. This tool is not just about filtering and flagging inappropriate content but ensuring that educational institutions can uphold a standard of safety and appropriateness without hindering access to valuable educational resources,” said Michael Kessler, CEO of MyVRSpot.

The development of MediaMonitor was driven by feedback from educators and IT professionals in the education sector, who expressed the need for more robust content moderation tools in school environments. By integrating this tool with the MyVideoSpot platform, schools can now offer a safer digital space, giving peace of mind to educators, parents, and students alike.

Key features of MediaMonitor include:

  • Advanced Video Frame Analysis: By analyzing 6-10 frames per minute of video, MediaMonitor efficiently pinpoints potentially harmful content, reducing the risk of students being exposed to inappropriate material.
  • Real-Time Flagging and Alerts: Once inappropriate content is detected, the system immediately flags and quarantines the media, though gives appropriate personnel access to review, approve, archive or delete the flagged content.
  • Customizable Filtering Settings: Schools can customize the MediaMonitor filtering criteria based on their specific policies and needs, ensuring flexibility and control over the content that is flagged.

The MediaMonitor feature is available immediately and can be seamlessly integrated into any existing MyVideoSpot account, ensuring an easy adoption process for all current users.

For more information about MyVideoSpot or the MediaMonitor feature and how it can help your educational institution, visit or contact our support team at

About MyVRSpot, LLC

MyVRSpot, LLC, is a privately held employee owned and operated company. With the initial release of the MyVideoSpot (formerly MyVRSpot) Video Management Platform in 2009, the company continues its dedication to working within the educational community for the hosting, creating, editing, sharing, archiving, and live broadcasting of user-created media. The MyVideoSpot solution is currently used in more than 700 school districts throughout the U.S. and handles the backend video transcoding and hosting needs for several state and local government agencies, not for profits, and corporate entities. To learn more about MyVRSpot, LLC, visit