Build a Class Webpage with a Drag-n-Drop Tool

Imagine your dream classroom webpage. Does it include a warm welcome video, downloadable syllabi, URL links to weekly assignments, or photos of class events? If you don’t already have this webpage, I’m happy to say that it will be easy to create using MyVRSpot’s MediaSpot drag-n-drop building tool.

The elements you can drag-n-drop into your webpage include columns, dividers, text, videos, images, audio, and documents. But there’s more! The Gallery element is similar to a Video Showcase and it displays an unlimited amount of videos. Next, the Playlist element displays one large video player, with a list of your other videos down the right hand side of the player. These videos play one after the other. And finally, the Channel element pulls a MyVRSpot Live Broadcasting channel into the webpage for live streaming.

Once you’ve finished your awesome webpage, share the MediaSpot URL link with your students, parents, and fellow teachers!