live broadcasting recordings instantly accessible

Automatically Publish Live Stream Recordings onto Your Webpage

Do you ever imagine the day when your live stream recordings would auto-populate onto your webpage? Well, your dreams could come true with MyVRSpot’s new update to their Live Broadcasting and Video Showcase solutions. Within seconds, you could be on your way to freeing up more of your precious time. This feature is included with every Live Broadcasting and Video Showcase plan.

Why would school districts add stream recordings to a Video Showcase? The answer is simple… to help your district or organization improve transparency–and now you can streamline this process to save you time. Whether that’s your Board of Education meetings, graduation ceremonies, or professional development sessions, you can now make your stream recordings instantly available to your viewers.

Ready to make this dream a reality? Login and either watch this how-to video and follow along or go to the settings of one of your streaming channels. If you’re editing your channel, scroll down to the “Showcase” section and click “Automatically Add Recordings to an Existing Showcase.” Now, select the showcase and category and, finally, decide if you want your video showcase to display on your live streaming player page, and click update.

If your district does not subscribe to these MyVRSpot solutions, contact us and we’d be happy to schedule a demo with you. Want more automated processes? Now, you can add closed captioning to your live stream recordings too!

Does your district have any other pesky problems that could be automated? Let us know in the comments below or send an email to