Video Management: It’s Easier Than You Think


Did you know that February is National Library Lover’s Month? There are thousands of libraries across the United States, and each one has qualities that make them unique. In addition to the physical buildings that house various materials for reference and personal use, there are also digital libraries being used to house and organize electronic media. With the move by many school districts to remote and blended learning environments, video libraries have become an essential tool to provide meaningful and authentic instruction. So, what is a Video Library? Just like a brick and mortar library, it is a specific location to [...]

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No, It’s Not Too Late to Try a Flipped Classroom This Year


This school year has been a strange and challenging one for many school districts so far, as educators, administrators, and students alike are discovering that many of the traditional models for learning and teaching are becoming less and less effective. Those who wish to meet the new and emerging needs of today’s students must find ways to adapt. One such technique that seems to fade in and out of the education lexicon is a flipped classroom. In this model, students learn new material at home by watching recorded lectures and participating in online discussions at home rather than listening to a [...]

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Content Creation 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Great Instructional Videos


There’s no denying that high-quality video content is here to stay in the world of education. Even when many of today’s teachers were students in school themselves, their eyes widened with excitement the minute they saw the TV cart being wheeled into the classroom, now traded out for projectors and touch-screen boards. However, we’ve come a long way since the days of TV carts in terms of who is making that high-quality relevant content. Gone are the days of having to search the library or video store for the latest and greatest VHS tape. These days, there are no better content [...]

Content Creation 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Great Instructional Videos2021-11-08T18:13:46+00:00

How to Incorporate Video Into Your Fine Arts Program


There’s no doubt that ed tech tools which focus on video as an instructional aid have been on the rise for years. Educators across grade levels and content areas have adapted to a fast-paced modern world by incorporating technology into their curriculum in meaningful and impactful ways. While it’s easy to see how certain departments such as career and technical education programs can find this new technology so useful, it’s not always so obvious how to best incorporate tech into other areas such as fine arts programs. Quantifying and modernizing creative pursuits such as music, dance, and visual arts presents a [...]

How to Incorporate Video Into Your Fine Arts Program2021-09-21T22:01:34+00:00
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