Students Thrive as Digital Content Creators with MyVRSpot


In today's digital age, students are not only some of the biggest consumers of content but also the creators of it. Digital content creation has become a powerful tool for enhancing learning experiences, fostering creativity, and preparing students for the future. MyVRSpot, a comprehensive platform equipped with a range of innovative tools, supports students in their journey of becoming adept digital content creators. Among these tools are multiple online video recorders along with My Studio, a full suite of video editing tools and expansive libraries of royalty free music and images, both empowering resources for students, allowing them to craft [...]

Students Thrive as Digital Content Creators with MyVRSpot2024-05-25T01:04:43+00:00

4 Ideas for Promoting Creativity Through Project Based Learning


If you ask any educator who is a fan of the popular teaching strategy known as “project based learning”, they will tell you that their students learn best when engaging in the planning and execution of real-world and personally meaningful projects. The critical thinking skills and deep content knowledge involved in such projects instill not only a sense of ownership and independence, but also a level of creativity that students can struggle to find in more traditional settings. When students are invested in the entire process of completing a project, they are given the opportunity to flourish and create well beyond [...]

4 Ideas for Promoting Creativity Through Project Based Learning2021-11-24T15:37:53+00:00
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