Big Ed Tech Solutions for Small School Districts: 3-in-1 District Profile


When you think of a tech-savvy school district who provides their students with modern and powerful ed tech tools that prepare them with the skills needed in the digital age, you might typically think of a large organization in an urban metropolitan area. However, we here at MyVRSpot understand that technology is for everyone and not to be relegated to only the largest of school districts. Students everywhere deserve equal access to technologically engaging and relevant curriculum, and MyVRSpot strives to help educators do just that. As living proof of this concept, we spoke with three of our “small but [...]

Big Ed Tech Solutions for Small School Districts: 3-in-1 District Profile2023-12-22T22:19:21+00:00

Everything is Peachy in Forsyth County, Georgia


Nestled within the Atlanta metropolitan area is Forsyth County, Georgia. Their highly ranked public school system contains 39 schools with roughly 51,400 students and over 6,000 employees. Forsyth County Schools joined the MyVRSpot family in February 2020 to utilize our Live Broadcasting solution but ended up expanding into MyVRSpot’s instructional suite of services for their students, teachers, and admins, to fulfill their virtual learning needs during the Covid-19 pandemic. We met with a few key individuals within Forsyth County Schools to see how MyVRSpot has impacted their day-to-day instructional, administrative, communication, and professional development needs. Here’s what we learned. [...]

Everything is Peachy in Forsyth County, Georgia2022-02-21T21:23:39+00:00
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