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June 22, 2021 (Fort Collins, CO) –  The State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) announced the recipients of their 2021 SETDA State Achievement Awards at their Emerging Trends forum on June 15, 2021.  The Arkansas Department of Education was named the award winner in the Digital Content category for their work with MyVRSpot and their state branded Arkansas Digital Sandbox solution.

“We are excited to see our partnership with the ADE being recognized at a national level,” says Michael Kessler, Founder and COO of MyVRSpot.  The solution has evolved so much since initial roll-out with the state almost ten years ago.  Starting with the ADE’s vision to create a statewide learning object repository, and then growing that to a solution that provides all of the teachers and students in the state a place to create, edit, share, broadcast, and collaborate on media, is just awesome,” he adds.

About the ADE and MyVRSpot Partnership
Long before COVID made digital learning and media sharing a necessity, ADE leadership had a vision to create a state-wide learning object repository, where all teachers and students would have access to videos and other media items created by users at the State, Co-op, District, and School level.  MyVRSpot offered a unique and safe solution for hosting and sharing of videos  that aligned with the Arkansas broadcast initiative.

Over the years, MyVRSpot continued to grow and develop its product alongside Arkansas.  As a result, MyVRSpot today easily compares and combines features found in a multitude of products, ranging from screen recordings and online video editing, to creating video based assessments, assignments, and interactive presentations and portfolios.

MyVRSpot’s affordable solution allows the state of Arkansas to provide this service to 100% of its schools and districts.  For many low economic and rural communities, this type of service would be unaffordable or unforeseen pre-pandemic.  When COVID shut down in-person learning, Arkansas was ready to scale and support.

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About MyVRSpot
The MyVRSpot Video Management Solution was started in 2009, and is the only service dedicated to working within the K12 community for the hosting, creating, editing, sharing, and live broadcasting of user-created media.  MyVRSpot continues to lead the field in building out online solutions to assist with in-class, remote, and hybrid learning.  The MyVRSpot solution is currently used by more than 600 school districts throughout the US, and handles the backend video transcoding and hosting needs for several state and local government agencies, not for profits, and corporate entities.

The MyVRSpot service is owned and operated by MyVRSpot, LLC.  For partnership information, please call 888-237-6740 x1001 or email us at

The State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) is the principal association representing US state and territorial educational technology and digital learning leaders.  Through a broad array of programs and advocacy, SETDA builds member capacity and engages partners to empower the education community in leveraging technology for learning, teacher, and school operations.

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