There are few phrases that send a cold chill down the spines of teachers everywhere the way that “professional development” does. Mix together some boring slideshows being read aloud, a few awkward icebreaker games, and at least one irrelevant guest speaker, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster.

The recipe for a successful and engaging professional development includes one often-overlooked ingredient – video. Check out these tips for incorporating video into your next PD training:

Show and Tell

Do you have new curricula or a strategy that you want your staff to implement this year? Don’t just tell them about it – show them! They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so imagine how much a video is worth. Find authoritative resources to share with your staff, or show your team in action by creating your own videos.

Student Spotlight

We don’t often think of students as active participants in our teachers’ professional development, but why not? Put that student leadership team to good use and have them help create videos with active demonstrations of new concepts and strategies. Allowing staff to explore new ideas with the familiar faces of their own students creates a connection not easily attained in most teacher training.

Custom Tailored Instruction

One of the most often cited complaints about professional development is that teachers don’t find the information presented to be relevant to them or their classrooms. Curate custom tailored content for different grade levels and content areas into different Video Showcases. Easily share these Showcases with the appropriate teams, or even embed them on your website for easy access throughout the year.

When planning this year’s recipe for an unforgettable professional development, don’t leave out the secret ingredient – video! MyVRSpot offers a wide variety of video management solutions to turn your teacher training into an interactive and engaging experience sure to set them up for success this year and beyond.