1. Added the ability to pause while using the Video Recorder, Screen Recorder, and Audio Recorder tools.
  2. Changing the camera source for the webcam overlay in the Screen Recorder is now possible.
  3. Folders within your Media Gallery and Group Folders can now have a description added to them.
  4. Showcases have a slightly new look and will now load quicker.
  5. You can now rearrange the order of categories within a Showcase.
  6. Additional design choices have been added to the options for a Showcase.
  7. “Date Added” is now a column for your Showcase media.
  8. Internal Live Broadcasting channel pages now include its associated Showcase if it has one underneath the player.
  9. Added the ability to search your SmartSpot quizzes by tag.
  10. Organized MediaSpot templates alphabetically for greater ease of use.
  11. Modified video player size on the Edit Caption page to allow users with smaller resolutions to access the volume bar.
  12. Minor design tweaks around the site for greater consistency.
  13. A Video Editor error that would sometimes occur during rendering has been resolved.