MyVRSpot Releases New Closed Captioning Suite Providing a Multitude of Tools to Aid School Districts in ADA Compliance
Popular video platform releases closed captioning solutions for school districts.

Bailey, CO – March 1, 2018 – MyVRSpot, the leading video management solution built specifically for education, recently announced the release of their new suite of closed captioning tools. Over the past few years, it has become increasingly important for videos which are displayed on school and district websites to meet ADA compliance. Having closed captioning available for all publicly available videos not only allows millions of deaf and hard of hearing individuals an opportunity to better understand the video content, but it helps schools districts in meeting ADA compliance. A school or district website containing video or audio files that do not provide closed captions will fail any accessibility test.

MyVRSpot’s new caption tools provide multiple options which will aid educational institutions in becoming or maintaining compliance. “With our new closed captioning tools, our customers can choose between using our built-in caption editor to create their own caption files, use our customized speech-to-text algorithm to auto create their caption files, or they can even have our staff manually create caption files for them,” shares Michael Kessler, Founder and COO of MyVRSpot.

“In developing these new tools, we also took into consideration that a growing number of people don’t necessarily need the captioning option but prefer to watch videos without listening to the audio. This combined with the ever-increasing demand to address the needs of non-native English speaking students, parents, and community members, lead to us to build a language translation tool that allows for a closed caption file created in English, to be translated into over 100 different languages,” says Zach Lancaster, CTO of MyVRSpot.

Creating closed caption files with MyVRSpot’s solution is a simple 3-step process:

– Upload your videos to your MyVRSpot account
– Request a caption file be created in English or multiple languages
– Grab the embed code for the video and paste it into any web page

For a limited time, MyVRSpot is offering any US based school district, the ability to upload their video(s) and create a few sample captions in order to trial the new system. School districts can sign up for this trial at:

About MyVRSpot
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