MyVRSpot, LLC Unveils Rebranding Introducing MyVideoSpot

FORT COLLINS, CO., January 18, 2024 – MyVRSpot, LLC, a leading innovator in video management solutions for education, proudly announces an official name change of its acclaimed and award-winning online video management platform from MyVRSpot to MyVideoSpot.

This rebranding initiative is a strategic move that clearly reflects the company’s commitment to providing educational organizations, educators and students an enhanced and dynamic media management platform, and with a name that clearly reflects their commitment to the use of video as part of the learning process. The MyVideoSpot name encapsulates the platform’s core features, which empowers users to seamlessly create, edit, manage, collaborate, and share video content in an educational setting.

“We are excited to introduce MyVideoSpot as the new face of our video management platform. This name change is not just a rebranding; it’s a reflection of our dedication to continuous innovation and improvement when it comes to the use of video in education,” said Michael Kessler, CEO of MyVRSpot, LLC. “We have released several new features over the past few months, from green screen and picture-in-picture functionality, to releasing extensive image and music collections. As all of these tools were designed to further enhance user-created videos, projects and presentations, the rebranding as MyVideoSpot clearly identifies our focus and eliminates any confusion in our branding,” he adds.

MyVideoSpot offers an array of cutting-edge features that streamline the video creation, editing and sharing process, making it an indispensable tool for educators, students, and organizations looking to leverage the power of multimedia in the learning environment. Existing users of the platform can expect a seamless transition, with no interruption in service. MyVideoSpot will continue to deliver the same high-quality video management, live broadcasting, and digital sign solutions that have earned MyVRSpot its long-standing reputation for excellence.

About MyVRSpot

MyVRSpot, LLC, is a privately held employee owned and operated company. With the initial release of the MyVRSpot Video Management Platform in 2009, the company continues its dedication to working within the educational community for the hosting, creating, editing, sharing, archiving, and live broadcasting of user-created media. The MyVRSpot solution is currently used in more than 700 school districts throughout the U.S. and handles the backend video transcoding and hosting needs for several state and local government agencies, not for profits, and corporate entities. To learn more about MyVRSpot, LLC, visit