MyVRSpot, the leading video management system for K12 education, has released new features to assist with teacher assessment and evaluations, providing teachers a toolset to align their uploaded video content to the Charlotte Danielson “Framework for Teaching” professional development standards. Often referred to as the “Danielson Standards,” over 20 states, along with some of the largest school districts in the country, have already adopted the teaching framework.

“We originally developed the tool to align with the Danielson Standards over a year ago for the state of New York, as there was an ever-increasing push for teachers to demonstrate how their work was meeting these newly adopted standards”, says Michael Kessler, Founder of MyVRSpot. “As these teaching standards have continued to gain more and more traction throughout the country, we further enhanced our system to not only support the alignment with the Danielson Standards, but to build out an entire ePortfolio system for teachers, giving them a place to upload and share examples of their work, both at the school and district levels “, he adds.

With more than 550 school districts already using the MyVRSpot system for hosting and sharing of relevant media files and aligning them to both the NETS and Common Core Standards, those users now have yet one more option with the Danielson Standards alignment. “Over the past few years, the use of video has become an essential piece of the 21st Century Classroom. We want to make sure that this video content is properly tagged and categorized using standards and grade level associations, instead of simply sitting on various hard drives throughout the district”, says Zach Lancaster, President and CTO of MyVRSpot. “The sorting and archiving of video content in this manner not only makes it easy to be consumed by students and teachers, but also allows administrators to make teacher assessment and evaluations painless”, he adds.