MyVRSpot Launches New Enterprise Digital Sign Solution for K12

New Cloud-based Digital Sign Solution for School Districts to Create, Manage, and Deploy Digital Signs with Ease 

FORT COLLINS, CO. May 8, 2023MyVRSpot LLC, a leading provider for online video hosting, creating, editing, sharing and live broadcasting for school districts across the country, has launched an enterprise level digital sign solution that allows organizations to stream real-time and pre-recorded content to appear on monitors throughout their buildings. The service, named SmartSigns, utilizes MyVRSpot’s existing user interface combined with their custom-built Chrome extension, offering a wide range of features and tools, including customizable templates, real-time content updates, integrated Live Broadcasting feeds, and scheduling capabilities. With SmartSigns, schools can easily share announcements, event schedules, and emergency alerts to keep students, staff, and visitors informed and engaged.

MyVRSpot has been offering a digital sign solution for the last few years based on the Rasberry Pi operating system. “As the demand for more enterprise level tools and features arose, we found ourselves somewhat limited with what the Raspian OS could support, so completely re-envisioned SmartSigns from the ground up,” says Zach Lancaster, CTO at MyVRSpot. “We now provide a full-featured set of tools and templates on a hardware agnostic platform utilizing a custom Chrome extension, thus giving district level Admins full control to manage all media displayed on their digital signs within their network,” he adds.

SmartSigns are available in both stand-alone and network options and can be used for displaying unique content on a single monitor or on multiple monitors throughout the building.The solution can run on most any device that can run the Chrome browser and the Chrome extension, including Windows, Mac, and Chromium based operating systems.

About MyVRSpot
The MyVRSpot Video Management Solution was started in 2009, and is dedicated to working within the K-12 community for the hosting, creating, editing, sharing, archiving and live broadcasting of user-created media. MyVRSpot continues to lead the field in building online solutions to assist with in-class, remote, and hybrid learning. The MyVRSpot solution is currently used by more than 700 school districts throughout the U.S. and handles the backend video transcoding and hosting needs for many state and local government agencies, not for profits, and other SaaS providers.