MyVRSpot Launches New Automatic Closed Captioning Tool for All Video Uploads

FORT COLLINS, CO. May 18, 2023— MyVRSpot, a leading online video platform for K-12 school districts, announced today the official launch of their new Caption ALL closed captioning feature. This feature enables the MyVRSpot system to automatically generate closed captions for all videos uploaded or created within their online platform, not only making content more accessible for those with hearing impairments, but helping school districts in meeting the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.

Under the ADA, educational institutions are required to provide equal access to programs and services for individual with disabilities, and this includes providing closed captions for all video content used in the classroom, online, or published on a public website. “We have offered an add-on service for those wanting to closed caption videos for several years now, though at an added cost,” says Michael Kessler, CEO of MyVRSpot, LLC. “We just got to a point where fundamentally, we felt all videos should be automatically closed captioned, regardless of whether the video was going to be published online, or if there were specific students or parents needing that accommodation, he adds.

Starting this month, all videos that are less than two hours in length, whether uploaded or created from within the MyVRSpot platform, will automatically generate a closed caption file. Users can access the built-in caption editor and word replacement tools to increase the caption WER (Word Error Replacement) score and automatically flag verbiage that might be deemed inaccurate or inappropriate. Users also have the option of having their caption file available in various foreign languages.

By providing closed captions, educational institutions not only comply with ADA requirements but also create a more inclusive learning environment. “Closed captioning benefits all students – regardless of the need for accommodations. Students and teachers alike find tools like closed captioning comforting when they have access to another way of internalizing information,” says Randi Tolentino, Director of Account Management at MyVRSpot, and former teacher and district administrator. “Providing resources like this supports the needs of various learning styles, ensures that all content is accessible and inclusive, and makes the learning more authentic and meaningful,” she adds.

The release of the Caption ALL feature is the latest addition to MyVRSpot’s growing list of new tools designed to help educational institutions simplify video creation, editing, and sharing, while maintaining accessibility compliance. The Caption ALL feature has already started rolling out to customers and should be fully released by the end of June. To learn more about MyVRSpot and their video management solutions, visit their website at

About MyVRSpot
The MyVRSpot Video Management Solution was started in 2009, and is dedicated to working within the education community for the hosting, creating, editing, sharing, archiving and live broadcasting of user-created media. MyVRSpot continues to lead the field in building online solutions to assist with in-class, remote, and hybrid learning. The MyVRSpot solution is currently used by more than 700 school districts throughout the U.S. and handles the backend video transcoding and hosting needs for many state and local government agencies, not for profits, and other SaaS providers.