K12’s Leading Video Management Solution Announces
Two Major Summer Releases


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Michael Kessler

Fort Collins, CO September 15, 2020 – MyVRSpot, LLC has announced the release of their two newest online video solutions: their Online Video Editor, and the much anticipated Video Response System (VRS). Both the new Online Video Editor and the VRS system will be available to all existing MyVRSpot customers, and will become part of all future offerings from MyVRSpot.

Online Video Editing Made Easy – The online video editor will be released in three phases, with Phase 1 deployment to be completed this month. “We surveyed 250 school districts, both customers and non- customers, to find out what they really wanted out of a video editor,” says Zach Lancaster, CTO of MyVRSpot. “What we found was that 94% of those respondents, just wanted any easy to use tool to trim sections of a video, whether at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of the video. While we did get requests for other advanced features, like merging of multiple clips together and green screen options, we wanted this first release to address the wants of the overwhelming majority of those surveyed. While we are already in development for some of those other requested features, those will be part of our Phase 2 and Phase 3 releases later this year,” he added.

MyVRSpot’s new Video Response System (VRS) supports all curriculum units, as well as non- instructional departments throughout school districts.  With the VRS, you can create assignments made up of a series of prompts to which Users can respond. Each prompt created can have an associated media item for viewing, allowing Users to view a video, an image, a document, or listen to an audio file before responding to the prompt.  Users can then respond in a variety of ways: text, video, audio, image, and more.  “Giving students a visual or auditory aid helps reach a wide range of students with different learning modalities and needs,” shares Michael Kessler, COO of MyVRSpot.  “Maybe even more importantly, VRS is giving them “voice and choice” and the ability to respond in a variety of formats, thus allowing students to practice and prepare for 21st century workplace skills,” he adds.

About MyVRSpot
The MyVRSpot Video Management Service was started in 2009, and is the only service dedicated to working within the K12 community for the hosting, creating, sharing, and streaming of user-created media. MyVRSpot continues to lead the field in building out online multimedia solutions to assist with in-class, remote, and hybrid learning. The MyVRSpot solution is currently used by more than 600 school districts throughout the US, and handles the backend video transcoding and hosting needs for several government agencies, not-for-profits, and corporate entities.

The MyVRSpot service is owned and operated by MyVRSpot, LLC., with offices in Colorado, Illinois and Virginia. For partnership information, please call our toll-free number at (888) 237-6740 ext. 1001.