MyVRSpot’s New ePortfolio Tool for Teachers and Students Leading video platform releases new digital ePortfolio system

MyVRSpot, the leading video management solution for K12 schools, announced the release of their new ePortfolio tool. Integrated into their MyVRSpot online video platform, the ePortfolio feature is designed to give students and teachers the ability to share all contents of a folder with a single URL link. District branded html pages are automatically created for each folder link, providing a customized look and feel for each district.

There is an ever-growing need for both students and teachers to be able to easily share their digital portfolios with others. The ePortfolio system provides a range of solutions to a school’s needs, from teachers’ evidence portfolios containing videos, classroom photos or sample lesson plans, to students’ capstone projects or sharing samples of their work with potential colleges. MyVRSpot’s ePortfolio solution allows for:

  • Students to grow an online portfolio of the work they want to share with others for college admissions, potential employment, or even with family and friends.
  • Teachers to build and organize their evidence portfolios with the ability to provide administrators with easy access to all of their files through a single secure link.
  • Administrators to use an alternative approach in assisting with teacher evaluations and academic oversight of student work.

“The biggest customer request we had last year was to develop an ePortfolio tool that would help keep digital files organized, and to figure out a way to easily share that content with others,” shares Michael Kessler, Founder and COO of MyVRSpot. “As the MyVRSpot system is designed around users being able to upload and share videos and digital files with others in the district, making the leap to allow sharing of those same files externally was the logical next step for us,” he adds.