Popular video platform releases web-based live streaming solution to school districts.

School leaders looking for a live video streaming solution that doesn’t require expensive hardware to buy and that can be set up in just a matter of minutes, are now in luck. MyVRSpot, the leading video management solution built specifically for K-12 schools, is now offering a Live Event Streaming solution. Built to provide schools and school districts with an easy to use anytime, anywhere solution, end users can easily stream from devices such as webcams, USB cameras, and even smartphones. The solution includes:

  • Cloud Based Streaming – No Special Hardware or Servers Required
  • Stream from Smartphones, Tablets, Webcams, and Physical Encoders
  • Streams are Automatically Recorded and Transcoded into an MP4 videos

“In 2015, video in education will be bigger than ever, and do-it-yourself live streaming for schools will be in high demand,” says Michael Kessler, Founder of MyVRSpot and a pioneering innovator in the education technology sector. “School leaders need solutions that don’t require lengthy learning curves or engineers to operate them. Teachers are ready to provide 21st-century students and families with the connections they demand, and we have provided them an excellent option integrated into our already robust video management platform,” he adds.

For most districts that have already explored live broadcast options, they have discovered expensive and cumbersome solutions. With more than 550 districts using the MyVRSpot video management solution, customer demand was the driving force behind developing the new live streaming option. “It wasn’t enough for our customers to be able to record and share videos of special events, they wanted the ability to broadcast the event live to their parents and the community at large,” says Zach Lancaster, President and CTO of MyVRSpot. “As we are a completely cloud based solution, developing or selling hardware for live streaming wasn’t an option for us. I remember thinking that if we are going to expand our video management system to include live streaming, it has to be easily accessible to administrators and teachers, where they could use it on a regular basis, and not have to be confined to a specific location where the special hardware resides,” he adds.

For a limited time, the company is offering school districts across the country a special seven-day free trial. After sign-up, school districts can be streaming content in just a matter of minutes: http://www.myvideospot.com/