How Videos Support Reading Comprehension


The American Pediatrics Association reports that reading when young – even infants being read to by their parents – stimulates brain development that builds language, literacy, and a child’s motivation to learn. In addition, student literacy builds self-esteem, improved concentration, critical and analytical skills, stronger memory, and expanded vocabulary. There is only reading when you have comprehension. Reading comprehension occurs when words are not just words but thoughts and ideas. It involves many processes, such as understanding the text, imagining what the words describe, and answering questions related to a text. To move beyond reading to comprehending text, students need [...]

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Wylie ISD: At the Forefront with Educational Technology


Wylie Independent School District is located 24 miles northeast of Dallas and serves over 18,800 students in the city of Wylie and surrounding communities. In addition to their excellent academic offerings, they equally focus on character education with “The Wiley Way,” the district’s nationally recognized values and character education program. They are focused on providing their students with a world-class education, including a wide range of extracurricular activities. Technology is emphasized to prepare students to thrive in 21st-century careers as well as provide district transparency and easily communicate with parents and families. What was the original goal? Wylie ISD has [...]

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Increasing Educational Equity in Rural Southwest Utah


A Profile on Utah’s SEDC Originally created in 1969, the Utah Southwest Educational Development Center (SEDC) is a regional educational service agency (RESA) serving the southwest corner of Utah. They have just over 100 schools and 50,000 students in their membership, which comprises an area roughly the size of West Virginia. They provide educational equity for their districts and charter schools by leveraging their cooperative resource power to spread opportunities across their rural landscape. What was the original goal? Last Spring the SEDC’s executive board was looking for a safe and secure way for teachers to manage and share educational [...]

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Video Management: It’s Easier Than You Think


Did you know that February is National Library Lover’s Month? There are thousands of libraries across the United States, and each one has qualities that make them unique. In addition to the physical buildings that house various materials for reference and personal use, there are also digital libraries being used to house and organize electronic media. With the move by many school districts to remote and blended learning environments, video libraries have become an essential tool to provide meaningful and authentic instruction. So, what is a Video Library? Just like a brick and mortar library, it is a specific location to [...]

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Creating Student Choice to Improve Engagement


    Educators across the country are looking for innovative ways to increase student engagement and gauge mastery of content in the classroom. Assessments should be more than the traditional quizzes, tests, and essays that have been used for generations. Students should be challenged to tackle real world problems that they may face outside the classroom. Providing authentic assessments and lessons increases understanding of content, improves critical thinking skills, and increases student engagement. However, educators shouldn’t feel like they have to accomplish authentic lesson planning and assessment on their own! There are plenty of great creative technological tools out there to bring [...]

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How Educational Technology Improves Instruction


As more and more school districts across the country move to 1:1 environments, the topic of whether technology enhances or hinders education has become a common conversation. Many believe that technology is a hindrance in the classroom. Students play games on their phones in class; there are constant dings and vibrations as students receive messages; and students are fixated on how they are perceived on social media. Why shouldn’t educators lock up their students' phones? Schools have become more reliant on technology and remote learning due to the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020. Students are immersed in technology now more than [...]

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No, It’s Not Too Late to Try a Flipped Classroom This Year


This school year has been a strange and challenging one for many school districts so far, as educators, administrators, and students alike are discovering that many of the traditional models for learning and teaching are becoming less and less effective. Those who wish to meet the new and emerging needs of today’s students must find ways to adapt. One such technique that seems to fade in and out of the education lexicon is a flipped classroom. In this model, students learn new material at home by watching recorded lectures and participating in online discussions at home rather than listening to a [...]

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Warning! Is Your School District Unknowingly Breaking ADA Requirements?


As a whole, educators tend to be good, law-abiding citizens who would never intentionally break any rules or regulations. However, many school districts across the country are currently breaking ADA and other compliance requirements in regards to closed captioning without even realizing it! There are several laws pertaining to the accessibility of electronic media and their use in schools, each of which have their own unique framework and guidelines and are subject to change. It’s no wonder school administrators can lose track of the requirements set forth for them by the law when there is so much to keep up with. [...]

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3 Key Benefits of Live Broadcasting Your School Board Meetings


They say it takes a village to raise a child, and the same can be said for educating them. On occasion, typically once a month, that village comes together at a school board meeting to discuss and decide on important factors that impact the daily lives and education of all students. While many parents and community members may be unaware that these meetings are typically open to the public, more and more people are waking up to the fact that school board meetings are one of the best places to have your voice heard in a meaningful and immediately impactful way. [...]

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