Social emotional learning is certainly not a new concept, but its importance has been made abundantly clear in recent years. Covid-19, and the many challenges brought with it, has fostered a new era where students are coming to school with a whole new set of needs, and educators are rising to the occasion to meet those needs as best they can. Social emotional learning can be a powerful tool for students and adults alike to explore and develop important soft skills such as empathy, self-awareness, respect, conflict resolution, responsible decision making, and more. But implementing a positive and impactful SEL curriculum can feel a lot like putting together a puzzle. You first need a clear picture of what the end result should look like, and the ability to identify and put together all the individual pieces. But this is sometimes easier said than done.

One often overlooked piece whose absence can leave the puzzle feeling unfinished is technology. On the surface, ed tech and SEL seem like two rather unrelated buzzwords. But in fact, they go hand in hand. Both technology and social emotional learning can help students make important connections with the world around them. Using technology to take your SEL curriculum to the next level could mean all the difference for your students.

A Safe Space

For starters, ed tech tools can empower students to share their thoughts and feelings in a safe space. Speaking up in a room full of people about your emotions is no easy task, so activities in which students are able to record video responses from the comfort of their own home can be a powerful piece of the puzzle. Topics that may seem too scary for students to talk about in front of their peers are suddenly made more private and approachable with the help of technology. And students today have grown up around tech their whole lives, so exploring new topics from behind a screen can be a cathartically familiar place for them to open up.

Relationship Building

This safe space provided by technology can also be a great place for relationship building. Many students who may feel too shy to let their personalities shine at school have found that they can forge meaningful and impactful relationships with their teachers and peers through technology. Online groups, discussion boards, and video response systems are all great tools to help students create deeper connections than they might be able to in the traditional classroom.

Digital Citizenship

At the intersection of technology and social emotional learning is digital citizenship. Preparing students to interact with technology responsibly is a very important 21st century skill, and a very important piece of the puzzle when crafting your SEL curriculum. Topics such as personal safety, responsible decision making, self-management, and healthy communication skills are all at the forefront of both digital citizenship and social emotional learning. Make sure your students have the tools they need to navigate the digital world in a safe, ethical, and responsible manner.

How MyVRSpot Can Help

As the leading video management solution for K-12 education, we here at MyVRSpot are committed to helping educators provide a meaningful social emotional learning experience through technology. With powerful tools like the Video Response System, SmartSpot video quiz creator, and a suite of recorder tools that includes an audio, screen, and video recorder, teachers and students alike are empowered to develop 21st century skills in a safe space that promotes both relationship-building and digital citizenship. Let MyVRSpot be your one-stop-shop when it comes to video management, and you’ll finally have the missing piece to the social emotional learning puzzle.