It’s no secret that the use of video has become a key factor in overall educational success over the recent years. Whether it’s creating awesome instructional videos, documenting all the amazing things their students are doing, or sharing engaging video resources with one another, educators everywhere have truly become video experts. Why not take advantage of that expertise and create district-wide, school-wide, and even classroom-specific libraries of video content? Here’s three reasons your schools need a video-on-demand library:

  1. Community Outreach: Students, parents, administrators, and community members all benefit when everyone works together toward a common goal. Keep your community in the know with a video-on-demand library embedded directly on the district website. Including things like your board of education meetings, fundraising events, and general announcements ensures the community never misses a beat.
  2. Parent Involvement: There is no greater resource for a student than a family who actively participates in the child’s education. Educators can empower families to do so by creating a helpful library of instructional support videos to assist in asynchronous learning that takes place at home. Additionally, curating a video-on-demand library can give family members the ability to access recordings of extracurricular events such as concerts and athletic events that they may be unable to attend in person. You can even let students show off their creative skills by creating their own video content and including that in your library!
  3. Student Engagement: When it comes to achieving academic success, so much of the power lies in the students’ hands. Give them the tools they need to succeed by providing a video-on-demand library with relevant and engaging content. Recordings of lessons and demonstrations can be powerful tools in differentiating your instruction to meet the needs of all students. Plus, showing off exemplary student work can be a powerful positive motivator, as well as providing other students with a model to follow in their own work. To really take it to the next level, insert your video-on-demand library directly into your LMS for easy and seamless student access!

If the concept of creating such a powerful and robust tool for your schools is sounding a bit daunting, don’t worry. MyVRSpot’s Video Showcase tool makes it easy to create and manage video libraries like a pro. Showcase an unlimited number of videos (or even other types of media like images and audio files), separating your media into as many customizable categories as you’d like. Simply upload your media to MyVRSpot, open it from the homepage, and select the “Showcase” button – no coding required! And teachers love the ability to insert their Showcases directly into an LMS such as Canvas or Schoology. Ready to wow your students, their parents, and the community at large with your very own video-on-demand libraries? Contact us today to start your free trial!