MyVRSpot Releases New Digital Signage Solution, SmartSigns

Popular video platform releases digital signage solutions for school districts.

Bailey, CO – October 8, 2018 – MyVRSpot, the leading video management solution built specifically for education, recently announced the release of SmartSigns, their new digital signage solution. As school districts and individual schools have an increasing number of TV screens and monitors in hallways and common areas, Administrators, Tech Coordinators, and Media Specialists now have an easy, efficient, and affordable means to publish and update media to all of those screens.

MyVRSpot’s SmartSign feature is powered by Raspberry Pi, which is small and powerful, and pairs well with their other video management solutions. It is easy to attach the Pi unit to a TV or monitor, and when combined with the SmartSign online interface, allows end users to quickly and easily add and remove media items to their digital sign. SmartSigns display many forms of media including pre-recorded videos, images, audio files, and even active Live Broadcasts.

“With MyVRSpot’s new SmartSigns features, we are now able to repurpose those TVs and monitors that have been hanging in our hallways,” said Jeff McMahon, Chief Information Officer at MSD Decatur Township Schools. The school district is one of the early adopters of MyVRSpot’s SmartSign system. “Students pay far more attention to videos, live streams and images on the TVs found in our hallways and offices — it’s hard not to,” he added.

As MyVRSpot is focused on building video solutions tailored to education, their extensive hierarchy system is used with the SmartSigns solution, ensuring only education-friendly content is displayed for student viewing. Administrators can easily control which Users are authorized to add content to their signs, arrange the media items for continuous display, and setup priority “modes” for emergency notifications or for displaying media items for specific days of the week.

“As a large part of our R&D, we reached out to district and school administrators for assistance in helping us design the digital sign functionality,” to create SmartSigns, and our “Modes” feature was important for them to efficiently display relevant content for a day or event,” said Zach Lancaster, CTO of MyVRSpot. Create “Modes” to quickly switch between grouped media. For example, create a mode for certain days of a week, which may have the day’s lunch schedule along with the normal announcements, or a mode for emergencies, which may have instructions on how to safely evacuate a building.


For a limited time, we are offering an extended free trial of SmartSigns, please note that equipment is required and is not provided by MyVRSpot.

Visit our page here to sign up for a free trial, to view the list of required hardware, or to watch a video demonstrating the ease of SmartSigns–from start to finish.


About MyVRSpot

MyVRSpot is the leading video management solution for the K12 educational community. MyVRSpot currently works directly with more than 550 school districts throughout the U.S., and through their various partnerships, service several hundred additional districts. MyVRSpot provides various video solutions for K12 and higher education, including: online media repository for the hosting and sharing of all user-created content within each organization; Video Showcase system for sharing of videos through each organizations website without any coding; MediaSpot for the creating and sharing of video enhanced HTML documents; Live Event Broadcasting; and Closed Captioning and Language Translation to help your district maintain ADA Compliance. For more information, please visit or call 888-237-6740.