With days getting longer and temperatures getting hotter, that can only mean one thing – it’s finally summer!

When planning out our summertime adventures, summer school is likely toward the bottom of our lists. However, creating and implementing an engaging summer learning program is the reality that educators across the country are facing.

Enrollment in summer school programs is at an all-time high this year. Students and teachers are working hard to close a widening achievement gap caused by instructional disruptions due to COVID-19.

To help take off some of the heat, we’ve gathered 5 ideas for using digital media solutions to transform the dynamic of your summer learning program:

  • Keep parents and the community in the know with a live broadcast! Whether it’s a board meeting, a sporting event, or anything in between, keeping your school’s community informed and involved over the summer is a breeze when you use MyVRSpot’s Live Broadcasting System. Designed specifically for education, the Live Broadcasting System is a completely web-based application and requires no special equipment!
  • Travel to faraway lands with a digital travel brochure! Summer school doesn’t have to be at the expense of an awesome vacation. Captivate young minds by creating digital travel brochures that tell of adventures to faraway lands! With over 20 templates like this one to choose from, the MyVRSpot MediaSpot tool allows students to create stunning interactive projects that include video clips, images, galleries and more.
  • Create a movie poster for your favorite book! Transform your summer reading assignments into something students get excited about! Encourage them to show off their artistic side while deepening their understanding and comprehension of their reading assignments by having them design a movie poster. Students can create their masterpiece from scratch, or edit an existing image with the Image Creator tool.
  • Make a music video! The popularity of video-sharing social networking apps doesn’t seem to be waning. Take advantage of the trend and help your summer school students create a viral music video. Interactive media has never been so much fun! Students can use the Video Recorder Tool to record their best lip-synching and dance moves, and then head over to the Video Editor Tool to snip and combine clips, and even add transitions and text. Hollywood, look out!
  • Store your favorite summer school memories in a digital scrapbook! This summer will be one to remember! Why not store all the memories in a digital scrapbook. made using MediaSpot? MediaSpot is a true drag-and-drop HTML creator. Start with a Blank Template, then drag and drop all your favorite pictures, videos, audio clips and more into your interactive project. Make your presentation pop by presenting multiple videos in succession with the playlist feature!